Meaning of the Ace of Spades Skull

Meaning of the Ace of Spades Skull

What are the meanings of the Ace of Spades Skull ? Why is it so popular in the tattoo world?

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The ace of spades and the skull are very often associated to signify death. Spade and skull tattoos are very popular for imposing toughness and power. The military used this card to impose their force on their enemies.

By reading the following lines, you will partly discover:

  • What are the meanings of the Ace of Spades
  • Why is the Skull associated with this Card
  • How much “As Of Spades” has taken place in the Tatoo world
  • And a little bonus at the end of the article, just for you 😉

After reading the following lines, you will undoubtedly be an expert in the field. And the death card won’t have any more secrets for you!

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Ace of Spades: The Death Card

The Ace of Spades is the wittiest card in a deck of cards. It is the symbol of ancient mysteries, of transformation, but above all: of death. 💀

1) Spiritual Meanings

A spade represents – due to its physical form – a shovel. And shovels are used to dig graves. This is one of the images that exposes spades as being associated with the afterlife.

Its meaning is closely linked to the military world, and has been since the First World War. Armies used the Ace of Death’s Head Spades as symbol of power and terror to impose their force on the enemy. We come to that a little later in this article.

Card ace of spades skull

2) Last week of the year

In a deck of cards, there are 52 cards. Each of them represents a week of the year. The thirteen cards of each color also represent the thirteen lunar months of the year. The colors represent the seasons. Red colors are feminine, warm, positive, ascending. Black colors are masculine, cold, negative, regressive. ♠️

The ace of spades refers to the first week of winter. This date was feared by the peasants of the time. The onset of winter heralded a famine period. The reserves are running out, and the last meat is slaughtered and dried to be consumed in the months that follow. This is one of the reasons the spade is associated with death.

3) Symbol of War

This card represents the wheel turning again. Meaning that death comes for all of us at the end of the game, that there is no escape. The association with the skull is therefore quite logical.

The spade is also known in the Tarot as the sword, a symbol of war. This symbol can represent a heart with a point, a severed head on a spike, a hooded head, or a dead leaf. All, emblems of death… ☠️

Military with ace of spades on helmet

Ace of Spades and Skull Tattoos

At Crâne Faction, we are passionate about tattoos, especially skull tattoos. And the association of the skull and the spade is no exception to the rule. Let’s see together the meanings for a person adopting one of them on his skin. 💉

1) Meaning of the Tattoo

Le ace of spades tattoo is commonly inked on poker players, bikers and gangs of all kinds. And the meaning can vary depending on the type of person wearing it. Everyone finds the symbols that suit them. But a few come back very often.

A tattoo ace of spades skull can represent both positive and negative things. It ultimately always brings the meaning that its owner wishes it to represent. But here are the main pillars that push a tattoo fan to pursue it:

  • Luck
  • Prosperity
  • The power
  • Solidity
  • The wealth
  • The death
  • Not being Eternal

As you can see, there is a wide variety of meanings: sometimes good, sometimes bad. But it would seem that the more time passes, the more the meanings lean towards the positive. Being eternal, having power, and luck. We are getting very close to what the gothic skulls.

ace of spades skull tattoos

2) Designs and Models

The tattoos of a as of spades crâne can be designed in different ways. It can be drawn alone or depicted with several other symbols and elements. That is why there is a wide variety of them. ♠️

The “Ace of Spades” Card

The most common tattoo is the ace of spades playing card. Some patterns represent a spade in the center of the card with a skull. They are also often depicted with other playing cards, which may include King, Queen, Jack and often the 10 of spades.

Games Elements

As this is a game theme, it is often depicted with other game symbols and elements. The drawing can include dice, triple sevens, poker chips, cards, money, coins, gold or even cherries. 🍒 These are all common symbols in gambling-themed tattoo designs. The ace of spades can also be depicted with lucky symbols, such as the four-leaf clover, horseshoe, or swallows.

Skull and spade tattoos

Elements of Death

The black ace can be associated with other symbols of death than the human skull. It is not uncommon to see it accompanied by fireflames, joker, black rose or black heart. 🖤

Tribal and Celtic Art

For a simple skull ace of spades, you can consider designing it with of tribal art or Celtic art. It is easy for a tattoo artist to give you ideas if you are looking for them and your spade will be perfectly accompanied with this style of drawing. Be creative!

3) Temporary Tattoo (Ace of Spades and Skull)

Before getting your tattoo ace of spades with a skull (or any other tattoo for that matter), there are a few things you need to take note of.

Just like you do now, take the time to research. Make sure you are fully aware of what your tattoo represents. Take the time to research the many other designs before making a final decision. Don’t forget that you will wear this tattoo forever. ⏳

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Military Symbol

The Ace of Spades card has also been used in wars, most often during World War II and the Vietnam War. Its association with the skull is a great symbol for the military. 🎖

1) Fear in the Enemy

When used in military badges, the skull serves as a warning to the adversary of the one who wears its symbol. Indicating certain death to those they meet.

It evokes fear in the enemy, confidence in the soldier, but above all: it makes people understand that life is short on the battlefield. Many units have chosen the skull symbol associated with spades as a mascot for their unit and insignia. And many more continue to do so even today. 😈

First World War

During World War I, the British 12th Division used the Ace of Spades as a symbol on his floats.

chariot ace of spades

Second World War

During World War II, American soldiers painted it on their helmets for good luck. In fact, all four card suits were used to identify soldiers, including diamonds, clubs, and hearts.

A Luftwaffe fighter aircraft that operated in Europe was even known as the “Ace of Spades”. Because he proudly displayed this symbol on his cabin.

Plane with ace of spades

2) Vietnam War

A death map patch was a psychological tactic during the Vietnam War. The soldiers said that the aces of spades represented death for their enemies. That suffering and humiliation were promised to them. They therefore used the cards to frighten their enemy and incite him not to fight. ⚔️

It was not uncommon for cards to be placed on the deceased vietnamese soldiers. In some cases, thousands of cards were placed in the fields. It was a psychological weapon.

The Ace of Spades Military Helmet

The Death Card features in many Vietnam War films. The symbol is also depicted on the crests of various units. On those of private special operations, on collar badges, as well as on flags and stickers painted on military aircraft and arms transport trucks. Putting it on a military helmet had become a common practice. 🛡

Ace of spades helmet

Military truck “Ace of Spades”

An example of such a weapons transport truck is “Ace of Spades” of the 523rd Transport Company based in Phu Bai, Vietnam. Former crew member Sammy Seay purchased this military vehicle in 2003 and rebuilt it into a replica of his unit’s 1971 Vietnam-era truck. Its main differentiator was therefore the spade symbolhim too.

Ace of spades military truck

Take Power with this Powerful Symbol!

We have just seen together the different meanings hiding behind the ace of spades and its association with a skull. You now know perfectly why it is used so much in tattoos. How the military featured it in history and why the Ace of Spades card is so popular. Spades no longer hold any secrets for you. 😉

One can easily say that it is better to be on the side of the one who wears the spade and skull symbol. And that’s good, we have everything you need so you can use its strength and power! Adopt our ace of spades skull t-shirt and impose your difference. Discover it simply by clicking on the image below.

Another very popular character who loves to wear clothes with a skull is none other than the famous Punisher from the Marvel universe. Discover the article retracing the whole history of the Punisher in one click.

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